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2015-06-15 06:36:02

Before coming to YES Daddy, I was lost mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I lived life   for me.  I kept thinking about my unhappiness.  Fortunately, things turned around when I joined the YESDaddy ministry. 


When I first joined YESDaddy, I didn’t think it would turn my life around and make me a “Christian.”  I grew going to Sunday school and did get confirmed.  However, I didn’t really know what it meant to have a personal relationship with God and have him truly in your heart.


As a Korean adoptee who grew up overseas, this ministry helped me realize many things.  First, I was jealous at orphans because they got to grow up in Korea.  Many times throughout my life, I wanted to have grown up in Korea.  Second, the lives of orphans are very hard as they do not get many opportunities.  Being an orphan in Korea often means having a difficult time finding a job and going to college.  Third, many Koreans look down on orphans and do not want to associate with them.  Some Koreans will not even marry an orphan. 


This ministry has become important for orphans and for adoptees as well.  This place became important for me because I met orphans.  As a result, I got to see what their lives were like and I got to see how the orphanage conditions were like.  I saw how heartbroken they were.  I also got to see orphans who have been with the YES Daddy ministry for a while and how their lives got better.  Many of them became happy and satisfied. 


My life became happy again as well.  I finally found out that it is only God’s love who can fulfill us.  It doesn’t matter who you are because God loves you.  I am very fortunate because God chose me to come join the YES Daddy ministry.  I am so grateful to him.


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