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Welcome "Go-In", JOSEPH KIM (from Cerritos, California)
2014-08-11 06:55:13


Hello everyone, my name is Joseph Kim. I recently decided to become an (Go-In) Intern in the YES Daddy organization. I was informed of their vision and outreach program toward orphans specifically. This resonated rather deeply with me; particularly when Jesus declared that He came for the lost, the weary, and the meek. In a country where the culture not only EXPECTS orphans to fail in every standard; they WANT them to fail . Yet despite all the trials and tribulations, working side by side with them, I’ve witnessed the transforming power of Jesus. They’ve graduated from being “merely” orphans, to themselves becoming witnesses of God for others. The intimacy they share with one another cannot be mimicked other than through blood, sweat, and tears. I’m starting to see, I will learn much more from orphans rather than what they’ll learn from me.


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